My consulting practice is simple:

  1. Start by visiting my contact form and give me an idea of the kind of help you need.
  2. I’ll look over your request.
  3. If it’s something I can do and I have room on my calendar, I’ll get back to you with an estimate. You can look it over and decide whether to proceed. If we do proceed, I’ll send you payment details.
  4. If I can’t do it, I’ll let you know (and where possible, I’ll refer you to a trustworthy “somebody” who can help you).


My rate structure is simple: $2 per minute, no minimum. If a job takes me 5 minutes, you pay $10. If it takes me 5 hours, you pay $600.

Discounts are available for certain customers. If you’re one of those people, I’ll let you know. If you’re not, ask me how to become one…

For the most part, I offer discounts to those who help provide me with recurring income — income that I can rely on. This smooths out the “bumps” and enables me to predict, with much greater accuracy, my business’ cash flows needs. Lots of people wont’ say that, but I do it as part of my commitment to open and honest communication.

See my “Links” page for details on how you can join one of my continuity programs and become eligible for a discounted rate.


For some services, I offer a flat rate fee. That’s because I know what needs to be done and how long it will take me to do that task. It’s also based on automating as much of the process as possible, which saves me time in that I don’t have to track you down and play “20 questions” to get the information I need to do the job.

Since some of these services require me to know your password, you will fill out the request form (after payment) on a different web site that offers encrypted communication ( That is my “back office” site and the communication will only go to me and will not be stored on my web server. Your data is encrypted while in transit between my web site and my email account.

Here is a list of current flat-rate services:

  • Change the name of the default “admin” account for a WordPress installation: $25
  • Install a WordPress site on a web server. This includes the WordPress core files, one theme from the directory, up to five plugins from the directory), plus your site is installed using “WordPress best practices”. I also include one month of WordPress Security “Indulging” at no extra charge: $100
  • Risk Mitigated WordPress hosting: I’ll host your WordPress site on my web server. This includes my WordPress Security “Indulging” service where I ensure your WordPress core files and plugins are up-to-date (i.e. any released updates are quickly applied to your site), set up blog backups, and generally fuss over your site to help ensure that it just keeps on running. Cost is $100 for setup from an existing WordPress site plus $65 a month. Sites are limited to 5 gigabytes of disk storage and 50 gigabytes of data transfer per month (I have solutions for things like video streaming and larger files; there are more economical ways to do this. If you need more disk space or bandwidth, I can recommend quality solutions).
  • Risk Mitigated WordPress management: If you want to keep your site with your current hosting solution, I can do everything mentioned in the previous bullet less the hosting. Cost is $50 for setup and $50 per month.

NOTE: I call this “Risk Mitigated Management” because nobody can guarantee security. As a business owner, best security practices dictate that you must assume all risk that is unmitigated, regardless of the reason. I’ll do everything I can and will work with you to make you aware of issues (along with ways to fix them), but nobody can completely remove risk. Others will promise it, but any security pro will tell you that it’s impossible. And do you want to stake your security on an amateur — or a pro?

Ongoing Consulting

I also offer a few ongoing consulting packages. Choose from any of the following. Note that I limit the number of offered packages to ensure that I have enough time to provide great value to my customers:

  • Basic consulting: For $200 a month, you can send me one email per business day and I will reply within one business day.
  • Enhanced┬áconsulting: For $1,000 a month, you can communicate with me via unlimited email. You’ll also get 60 minutes per week of telephone / Skype / “hands on keyboard” support.
  • Active consulting: If you have a need for something other than what’s listed here (i.e. you need somebody to log in to your web server on a regular basis to check security), contact me with details and we’ll work out a price.

NOTE: Any hours not used during a calendar month do not roll over. While I’ll try to help you if you didn’t use your time during one month and need more help the next, I can’t promise that I will. I base my offer on the number of free hours I have available, and unfortunately my free hours don’t roll over from one month to the next…

The Next Step

To take advantage of these services, please fill out my contact form to get started.